Your Employees Are Working Remotely. Is Your Business Protected?

Your Employees Are Working Remotely. Is Your Business Protected?

As we are seeing with the current pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a new resurgence of telecommuting, also known as working remotely, is also on the rise.

The coronavirus is reshaping how organizations and businesses are continuing to do business on a daily basis. Businesses are restructuring their processes to ensure services are uninterrupted and customers are served.

But how do you protect your employees while serving uninterrupted services to customers?

Most businesses are answering that question by having employees working remotely from home or other socially distant locations.

With the proliferation of smart technology, including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and the Internet of Things, people are more connected than ever, and more able than ever before in history, to complete their work remotely.”

And what better way to slow the outbreak than by continuing business operations at home, maintaining social distance, and retaining team environments through virtual meetings?

It sounds incredible, right?

But one question we have continued to receive over the past few weeks – “How do I continue keeping my data secure with an increasingly remote workforce?”

The Rise of Working Remotely and Data Security Considerations

While the fact that employees can connect from anywhere is a great strength of mobility, it is also its greatest weakness from a security standpoint.

When an employee works at the office, the data they access is protected by your security architecture. For a hacker to get their hands on that information, they will need to crack through several layers of security: firewalls, monitoring software, encryption, and so on.

Hackers have less layers of security to breach for employees working remotely. And right now many employees may be more vulnerable than ever, personally and professionally.

Think of the unending possibilities for stolen data:

A stolen or misplaced phone during

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Your Employees Are Working Remotely. Is Your Business Protected?

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