WP Popups Review: A Flexible, Free WordPress Popups Plugin

WP Popups Review: A Flexible, Free WordPress Popups Plugin

Popups are a versatile option to have in your WordPress toolkit. You can use them to promote products or offers, grow your email list, create a better user experience, plus a whole lot more.

In our WP Popups review, we’ll be looking at a relaunch of a popular plugin that lets you create all different kinds of popups, target them with detailed display rules, and hook them up to a ton of external services if needed.

Specifically, WP Popups is a relaunch of the Popups plugin from the same developer. Because the developer made so many changes, he opted to launch the new version as a separate plugin. So while the active install count for WP Popups is still only 1,000 sites at the time that we’re writing this, it’s closely tied to one of the more popular and better-rated popup plugins at WordPress.org.

One of the standout features in WP Popups is its detailed display rules. You can mix-and-match a ton of different targeting rules including referring URLs, user behavior, geolocation, logged-in status, and a lot more.

Overall, it’s just generally a really flexible and versatile WordPress popup plugin. And oh yeah, it’s free! That’s always nice too.

Want to learn more about what it can do and see it in action? Let’s dig in.

WP Popups Review: Exploring the Features

WP Popups comes in both a free version at WordPress.org and premium versions with extra functionality.

In this post, we’re mainly focused on the free version at WordPress.org. So you can do everything that you see in this section and the following hands-on section for free. At the end, I’ll share some of the features that you get if you can go pro.

To design your popups, you get a visual template builder that’s basically a clone

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WP Popups Review: A Flexible, Free WordPress Popups Plugin

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