WordPress Landing Page Theme Design Trends

WordPress Landing Page Theme Design Trends

Nothing says sketchy quite like a poorly-designed landing page. Marketing a product online is a very fine balancing act. Skilled designers know how to create a layout that sells but doesn’t feel gimmicky. Even landing pages focused on a free product can still have poor conversion rates if the design isn’t relatable. But most great landing pages don’t require a lot of copy so they’re perfect for testing out new ideas.

I’d like to take a look at some of the popular design trends found in landing page themes for WordPress. The art of web design is constantly evolving from the needs of an ever-growing base of Internet users. Landing pages have become a staple amongst marketers and product developers who create everything from eBooks to mobile apps. It’s worth keeping these design trends in mind while picking out a custom theme or designing your own from scratch.

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Image Source: http://marketblog.envato.com/trends/wordpress-landing-page-theme-design-trends/


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WordPress Landing Page Theme Design Trends

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