Women in Technology: Becki Pahl

Women in Technology: Becki Pahl

Liquid Web’s Customer Advocate on what inspires her, finding herself in technology, and the power of making the world a bit better for someone else.

“I want people to be happy,” says Becki Pahl. “I enjoy trying to do everything I can to turn someone’s experience around.”

There’s a lot about Becki Pahl that makes her Becki Pahl.

An avid crafter, she is the proud owner of a t-shirt that reads, In my defense, I was left unsupervised. “I bought the shirt in reference to my crafting, but it’s true for my work, too,” says Pahl. “Many projects I end up working on are things that I’ve stumbled across and wanted to take a closer look at.”

That she is inquisitive in this way is unsurprising— Pahl loves to read. She enjoys fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, specifically Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But the aspect of her personal life that is most indicative of the type of curiosity, teamwork, and enthusiasm that she brings to Liquid Web is this: Becki Pahl loves a good board game. “Resource management, strategy, problem-solving, thinking outside the box— these are skills that I put to use every day,” she says.

This love of board games, their social aspect and ability to bring people together, also speaks to Pahl’s other passion— making people happy. The Lansing native is right at home as a Customer Advocate for Liquid Web. “I want people to be happy,” she says. “So I work hard to ensure that, whether that’s finding the right solution for a customer, stepping into a sticky situation to smooth out rough patches, or surprising my boss because I put together a report before she could ask me to. I enjoy trying to do everything I can to turn someone’s experience around.

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Women in Technology: Becki Pahl

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