What to Do After Making Your Website Search Engine Optimized

What to Do After Making Your Website Search Engine Optimized

You should already know from our article, SEO Guide for All WordPress Bloggers, how to make your WordPress SEO friendly, but that’s not the last step. Applying the tips below can further improve your online presence.

Increase your web presence

Search engines traditionally search only listed websites, but some search engines like Google work by looking for a universal search which includes video, location maps, images, news feeds, etc. You can use mechanisms like social media and Google Maps listings to increase search engine ranking and frequency of listing in search results. You can also post frequent articles and posts linking back to your website to increase your page rank. The more connections, the higher your rank.

Post fresh content

Frequent site updates and new pages will influence your visitors to return to your website. What’s more, they will also invite crawlers to come back – that will increase your listing still further.

Use the robot.txt file

The robots.txt file will notify search engine spiders about the accessible parts of your site to index. If you do not want all the parts of your website listed in a search engine, the robot.txt file is important for you.

Redirect a page to 301 when it is expired or changed


When a URL does not exist, generally it will display a 404 or “page not found’ error. If you want to avoid it, you can redirect the URL to 301 and it will notify the search engine which new URL should transfer to the search engine ranking position of the old URL. Sometimes it may be impossible to stop 404 pages, but you can customize the content of that error page to guide your visitors back to a working page of your website.

Submission service

SEO is an ongoing process, so always update your website in an SEO-friendly way. Search engine submission service is important to speed up the process of being ranked. Before getting your submission accepted by a search engine, a waiting period is usually applied and you don’t need to submit again during that time.

Check your website analytics

Collect the data your web traffic reports contain and analyze them to identify the search engines that have been sending the majority of traffic to your site, to recognize the keywords and gateway pages that are generating the strongest traffic, and to observe visitor activities after entering the site. You will also find in the reports where traffic is being directed to the incorrect page on your website, and then you can redirect that traffic to valid pages of your website.

You can use Google Analytics, the free service offered by Google to generate detailed statistics about the visitors of your website.

Search engine research

Research your own search engine regularly to discover where the highest rankings of your site are found and which keywords are generating the best ranking.


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What to Do After Making Your Website Search Engine Optimized

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