What is a ‘Values-Based’ AI Strategy?

What is a ‘Values-Based’ AI Strategy?

While artificial intelligence used to be a futuristic concept, today it is part of business’ day-to-day reality. While the term is arguably overused and commonly misunderstood, the technology is being utilized more than ever. 

That’s not to say that the actual implementation of AI is without flaws. Many technologists and digital marketers find today’s use of AI to be lacking-reasons include immature technology, tricky integration, invasive to the end-user, and a lack of expertise. 

Still, the majority of companies that are using AI are finding success. An international study commissioned by WP Engine and conducted by the researchers at The University of London and Vanson Bourne explored the present and near future of artificial intelligence and found that 44.5% of businesses see a visible increase in sales with AI.

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen AI help out around the house by enabling home-chefs to become more creative in the kitchen and saves lives by improving medical imaging analysis to spot and diagnose cancer. But, why are some applications of AI revolutionary and others a flop? 

The potential of AI is massive but a successful AI strategy must be considerate of the increasingly privacy-conscious, fear-stricken consumer. The wrong perception of AI and its ramifications can slow the success of AI-based tools-no matter how innovative the technology. 

Approaches to AI that inspire consumer trust have the potential to deliver real value, simplifying and improving lives, products, and digital experiences. Based on our research, success with AI is contingent on the application of a set of foundational values to the key components of a digital experience-personalization, data exchange, and meaning. 

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What is a ‘Values-Based’ AI Strategy?

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