WC_eComm_underscores Comes to Our Site

WC_eComm_underscores Comes to Our Site

We have created a new series on our site here called WC_eComm_underscores. A bit of a play on words for specific Woo-focused snippets from our other podcast.

WP eCommerce Show Snippets on Woo

On our WP eCommerce Show, which has originally started out as the Do the Woo podcast in March of 2016, often we talk about WooCommerce. In fact, there are several shows dedicated entirely to WooCommerce. I created a list here on our site in case you are interested in those archives.

Moving forward, we are going to include snippets of those shows here on this site that talk about a specific topic around WooCommerce. You can see the first one here.

The reasoning behind this idea is two-fold:

To give you an inside view into a specific perspective on WooCommerce To offer the opportunity to listen to the entire show on our site here

Hope you enjoy these and be rest assured that you will be seeing them quite a bit here.

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WC_eComm_underscores Comes to Our Site

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