SmartFrame Review: WordPress Image Protection and Presentation

SmartFrame Review: WordPress Image Protection and Presentation

If you display your own unique images on your WordPress site – photos, graphic design, etc. – you’ve probably dealt with the pain that is image theft.

It could be someone maliciously scraping your site or it could just be an ignorant webmaster who doesn’t know that what they’re doing is wrong.

But no matter what the motivations are, it sucks to get your images stolen.

There are some WordPress plugins that try to fight back. For example, you can find plugins that disable right-click (simple, but doesn’t really deter motivated people or scrapers) or add a watermark (more effective, but you might not want a watermark on your images).

In this SmartFrame review, we’re going to look at a solution that offers a much more comprehensive approach to WordPress image security that can stop both human and bot image theft.

Plus, SmartFrame can also do a lot more than just image security, if you want it to. It can also enhance your images with share buttons and zoom functionality, help you monetize your images with ads or email opt-ins, speed up your image load times, and even change how you handle images on social media or in Google image search.

Overall, it’s a really flexible tool that has a generous free version at So if you’re sharing any type of unique visual content on your WordPress site, I think this is definitely one you’ll want to check out.

SmartFrame Review: It Does a Lot of Different Things

SmartFrame does a lot of different things, so I’m going to break its features down into different sections.

But first, I want to share that there are two different ways to use this plugin (which I will cover in more detail):

Plug & play – you can just install the

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SmartFrame Review: WordPress Image Protection and Presentation

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