Scheduling Posts in WordPress

Scheduling Posts in WordPress

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of blogging. Readers who are interested in your posts are going to want to have more material available to them regularly, and you don’t want to disappoint them or they will move on to other places. Post your articles according to the expectation of your regular visitors, because keeping your regular visitors is an important part of building up your blog. It sounds like a lot of work though, doesn’t it? Like most people these days, you probably have a lot going on already in your life. And some of your visitors may even be from different time zones, which makes it even more challenging to post articles according to their schedule.

The solution to these problems is to schedule your posts in your WordPress. The process of scheduling is very simple and you can write your content at your leisure and then post them at any convenient time.

Steps to schedule a post:

  • After you login to your blog, write a new post.
  • Do not click on the “publish” button, but instead click on “Edit” beside “Publish immediately.”


  • Edit your preferred time and date for the post to be published.


  • Then click “Schedule”.


If you want to publish your post instantly, you can do it by clicking on “Publish”, but if you want to publish it the next day, or in a week, or even in a year, simply schedule accordingly. In this way, your blog is always ready to “go live” to your visitors.

You may need to adjust the WordPress clock as well, because adjusting time zone does not take daylight savings into account. You want the accurate time and date to be stamped for your post as well if you are displaying those details with your posts, as some themes do. Because there is no AM and PM option, you must enter the time in military format. As soon as you change the date and time, the Publish button will change into a Schedule button. Once done writing the post, simply click Schedule and the post will be scheduled to be published on a specific date and time. It’s that easy.


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Scheduling Posts in WordPress

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