Remove the Visual Editor from Your WordPress Website

Remove the Visual Editor from Your WordPress Website

The Visual Editor creates a posting area similar to a Microsoft Word document, which helps to write the post easily. However, it can ruin your formatting. If you switch to HTML mode and switch back to visual mode, you may lose a lot of formatting. It can even cause errors on your website. Follow the instructions below to remove the visual editor from your WordPress website:


Generally, after login to your WordPress when you begin your new post, you will find the writing area in HTML mode rather than Visual mode. To remove the Visual editor you should:

Step.1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.

Step.2. Go to Users > Your Profile.


Step.3. Now you will find the box “Disable the visual editor while writing”. Just select the option.


Now you will no longer have to deal with formatting errors caused by the visual editor. After you disable the mode, the editing bar will not disappear. You’ll have fewer options than the visual mode, but you’ll be able to get everything done that you need to and you won’t run the risk of breaking your site.


If you have even a basic knowledge regarding HTML, then you’ll be better off using HTML mode rather than trying to use the visual editor.


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Remove the Visual Editor from Your WordPress Website

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