Redirect the Attention of Your Users with Comment Redirect

Redirect the Attention of Your Users with Comment Redirect

One of the best strategies to develop your relationship with first time visitors and make them a loyal reader of your blog is to redirect them to a specific page which contains product related info, a special note or offer, or anything to grab attention. Pop-up ads or sending email to visitors can serve the same purpose; however, those techniques tend not to be as popular. WordPress offers a plugin called Comment Redirect, which can quickly redirect the visitors’ attention. The Comment Redirect plugin redirects your first time commentators to a WordPress page of your choice. If you want to show your gratitude to your first time commentators, this is an excellent plugin. You can send them to your Thank You Page, where you have written some words thanking them for their contribution. Alternately, you can send them to any of your specific pages. You can share info about your new product, new book, older resources, etc. To use the plugin you need to have some preparations, though.

1. Create a thank you page/the page you want to redirect:

First, you’ll need to create the page to which you want to redirect the first commentators. Go to your WordPress Dashboard>PAGES>Add your page. Make sure your page includes all of the elements you need, such as an Email Sign up, Contact Us, News Reader, Twitter link, Facebook link, etc. to let them join your community.

2. Install a comment redirect plugin:

Head over to your PLUGINS>Add new, and then search Comment Redirect. Now install the plugin and activate it.

3. Put the link to your page:

After activating the plugin it will be appear in the plugins sidebar. Click on that and put the link to your Thank You Page, or whichever page that you want to redirect to. comment redirect


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Redirect the Attention of Your Users with Comment Redirect

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