Publish Your Blog

Publish Your Blog

Hopefully you have already successfully set up your own WordPress with the help of our posted guidelines. Now it is time to publish your contents and announce to the world that you have entered into the arena of blogging! It’s relatively simple to do, as you’ll see below.

Make visible to everyone:

Ensure that your blog will be visible to users through search engines once you’ve published. For this, you need to set your privacy settings as follows:

1. Go to the Settings in your WordPress Dashboard and then to the Privacy setting.


2. Select “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone”.

Hide your blog from search engines:

If your blog is personal and you do not want to share it with others, then instead select the option like “I would like to block search engines…”

Use social media for branding:

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are another way to spread your blog to a wider audience. Take advantage of the opportunity by creating your own social networks. Invite friends and join the community, share valuable information and promote your blog.

Be connected with the bloggers of same niche:

In online forums, you will find bloggers interested in the same subjects as you. Try to be connected with them and share your points of view with one another; you should also try to get backlinks from other sites. You could invite them to run a contest, or you can promote their blogs and they will promote your blog back. Like any community, you can praise and criticize them based on their content; just be prepared to welcome the same back from them!

Protect your blog with password:

If you want to protect your blog and limit to just a few carefully selected viewers, you can do the following:

1. Individual post protection:

Before click on “Publish” to publish your new post, go to the option “Visibility: Public (Edit)”, click on the edit button and select the password option. Here you can make a password to protect your blog. By this method you can also protect your individual posts. Only the users who have the password will be able to see those posts.


When you disable search engines your site will not be invisible to everyone, someone who shows up on the site directly can still see your posts. Password protection, on the other hand, will protect your posts completely.

2. Protect the main site:

If you prefer, you can create a main gate password protection, which will protect your main site while everything inside will remain open. This option is better if you need to share your blog with certain people. In this case, whenever the users want to get access in your WordPress they need to log in to the site. To get this feature in your WordPress, you need Cpanel Hosting.


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Publish Your Blog

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