Plugin:Twitter Widget Features & Configuration

Plugin:Twitter Widget Features & Configuration

The WordPress Twitter Widget is very easy to use. To configure your Twitter widget you have three easy options, but you do have to do a little work in Twitter. The Twitter widget doesn’t have a lot of options for design changes, but you can at least select the background color (either black or white), and you can edit link color and can change the widget height (Minimum 250).

If you don’t know how to install a plugin then follow this post: How to Install a WordPress Plugin?
Once the Twitter widget is installed, you won’t see it directly in the Dashboard left sidebar; instead, click on Appearance then click on Widgets like you see below:

wordpress widgets

Now you should find a widget named Twitter, like this:

twitter widget

Simply drag and drop this to your sidebar (if you don’t have drag option you will get a button that says “Add” and you should click that). You should now see an option like this:

twitter widget configure

Account: Your Twitter username

Data Widget ID: Your Twitter Widget ID [ Don’t panic! We will show you how you can get this]

Title: title of your widget


Now click here [ensure you are logged in to Twitter]

Then click on Create new. You will get option like this:

create widget in twitter

Fill out the form:

create widget in twitter 1

Username: your Twitter username
Height: your widget height [minimum 250]
Theme: Light or Dark [you can see preview in right side]
Auto expand photos [ check or uncheck depending on your needs]
Link color: change color and watch preview

Now click “Create widget”
Now look at your address bar like this:

twitter Widget ID

After you will see a number; that is your Data Widget ID.

Now head back to your site and add Data Widget ID

twitter widget configure2


Now save your widget. Head to your homepage and you should see your Twitter widget in action!



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Plugin:Twitter Widget Features & Configuration

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