Monitoring Your WooCommerce Store with WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Monitoring Your WooCommerce Store with WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Security is one of your top priorities if you run a WooCommerce-powered store. And knowing what your logged-in users are doing and what has been changed, can give you peace of mind and help you to be better prepared.

The WP Security Audit Log Plugin for WooCommerce

Although it works on all WordPress sites, the WP Security Audit Log plugin is unique as it’s the only user activity plugin that keeps a detailed log of changes in WooCommerce store settings, simple and variable products, coupons, orders and other WooCommerce-specific elements.

It has a very comprehensive activity log, extensive coverage of all WordPress changes and includes email and SMS notifications and reports, just to name a few.

It’s the perfect solution to keep track of changes, help with troubleshooting and stay on top of any suspicious behavior on your store.

Installing with the Wizard

We are working with the premium version of the plugin so we can show you all that it can bring to your store. When you install it, you have the option of walking through a wizard. I always recommend this as it’s a good way to get your initial features set. It also gives you a nice overview of your options.

wizard step 1

For this post I opted to activate all the options.

wizard step 2

As a WooCommerce store, I can make the obvious choice of logins beyond the standard WordPress login page.

Wizard step 3

An option to keep track of 404 errors:

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Monitoring Your WooCommerce Store with WP Security Audit Log Plugin

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