How to Setup Professional Email Addresses with Gmail and Google Apps

How to Setup Professional Email Addresses with Gmail and Google Apps

As you can imagine, most people want to use a professional email address that has their business name in it. You can setup your own professional email address by connecting your custom domain name with Gmail. For example, [email protected] is a professional email that looks much better than having [email protected] You could also use the built-in mail server that comes with most WordPress web hosting providers. However, they will not provide all the features that Gmail has. Instead, it’s better to link your domain name to a Gmail account so you get the professionalism of having your own domain with the features of Gmail.

Why Gmail is better than others

To maintain email records, every organization recommends using reliable paid email brands. Even though Gmail is a free email service, it has many superb features that make it the equal of paid services.

Free: All the features of Gmail are absolutely free, which is a nice bonus.

Security: Gmail has utilized HTTPS encryption, which ensures top-notch email security.

Calling: You can call numbers in the USA and Canada free of charge, and you can call out to other countries at minimal rates.

Space: Gmail provides 10+ GB of free disk storage. If your disk space is full, ask for more space through Gmail support.

Email Search: Gmail allows you to search emails like the Google search engine searches the internet, and with instant search technology you can find the exact message by entering just a few keywords.

Less Spam: Gmail has made the world of email spam free so you don’t need to worry about spammed emails. Google automatically deletes unwanted emails, before they reach your inbox. Google is constantly updating its filters and retains some of the best in the world.

Update: Google Apps is no longer free. If you still want a branded email, then we recommend that you use the service.

How to set up & manage professional emails with Gmail

Step 1: Setup the Google App

1. Go to the Google Apps for Domain.

2. After loading the page, insert your WordPress domain name without adding “http://www”, such as


3. Now fill up the text boxes with your personal information i.e. username, password.


4. Then add the information of your organization, such as contact name, phone number, address, etc. In the alternative email address box, keep your email address the same as your personal Gmail ID or any other email address ID.


5. Agree with the Google Apps “terms and conditions”, click “Create the account” and proceed to the next step.


6. If registration has been completed properly, you should now be redirected to the setup page. Here you need to verify that you own the domain name.

Note: there are two verification methods, express and custom. We recommend you use express, as it will take nearly 10 minutes to complete.


Step 2: Verify Your WordPress Domain

When you try to access Google Apps, you have to verify your WordPress domain name. For domain verification the following methods are required.

1. We recommend you use an HTML file. If you have full command over your FTP then you could just upload an HTML file for verification.

2. HTML Tag is another option. From the verification menu select alternative Method then HTML Tag.


3. Now you should find an HTML code; simply paste it in your header or footer with the help of the Insert Headers and Footers Plugin for WordPress. Then head back to the verification menu and click on “verify”.


4. You can also use Google Analytics as an alternative.

5. Finally, Domain Name Provider is another option.

Step 3: Connect Gmail with Your WordPress Domain

1. Login to your Google Apps account to enable Gmail service. For this go to Do not forget to replace the domain name with your WordPress custom domain that you have connected to the Google App.

2. Sign in to your account with your user name and password.


3. In the navigation menu select Organization & users » Services. Now go to the Gmail App and click on the “on” button.


Step 4: Set up Your WordPress Gmail Account

To send and receive emails from your custom WordPress domain, you need to change your DNS settings.

1. Login to your account from Google App.

2. Select Setup » Set up Gmail » and then follow the instructions in the navigation menu.


3. You should find five MX records; go ahead and submit these on your webhost.



If you have standard cPanel hosting, go to cPanel and login to your account with your username and password. Under the MAIL option you will see the MX records Tool.


4. Select your Domain after opening MX Records. This option will appear if you are hosting multiple blogs.


5. Now select email routing by clicking “Automatically Detect Configuration”. There are four methods to route emails, but we recommend this one as being the simplest.


6. Use “Add a Record Tool” and add all five MX Records, which have been provided by Google Apps.


After adding 5 new records, your MX Records will look like the below image:


To complete the MX Records integration, it may take from few hours up to 24 hours, depending on your hosting and ISP.

It can be a bit complicated, but once you’re done you’ll have a professional looking email address that lets you compete with the big businesses!


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How to Setup Professional Email Addresses with Gmail and Google Apps

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