How to Offer a Pre-order on Your WooCommerce Store

How to Offer a Pre-order on Your WooCommerce Store

Giving your customers the chance to pre-order specific products or even services is essential for certain product types. Consider apps, courses, events, etc. With the added bonus of giving you the option to collect money ahead of time, or at release time is even better.

This is exactly what WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension does for you. You can choose to automatically or manually fill the orders. Then just sit back.

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Sell Pre-orders for Products and Services via WooCommerce

After installing the extension, you will find it under WooCommerce > Settings > Pre-Orders with several options for customizing the text for your buttons, the product message, cart and checkout display. In this example, I am leaving them at a default setting and you will see them throughout the pre-ordering process.

You also have the option to disable the automated pre-order process if you want to test your site first.

Setting Up Your Pre-Order

You can set it as a pre-order whenever you are creating a product, . What you need to remember is that this can only be set for the product level, which means if you have applied it to a variable product, all variations are also set as pre-orders. You can still do this using WooCommerce Backorder option under stock status.

I am creating a simple product here and will find the settings for a pre-order, including the available date and time, if I have a pre-order fee and whether to charge it upfront or upon release.

On the shop page, or any product

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How to Offer a Pre-order on Your WooCommerce Store

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