How to install WordPress

How to install WordPress

WordPress is free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which is the most popular blogging platform due to its ease of installation and use. It has many features, including a plug-in architecture and a template system. All web hosting companies allows you to install it with just a few clicks. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Tutorial’s guideline

In this tutorial we will show you how to install WordPress using Fantastico, Softaculous, and SimpleScripts for the beginners, and manual installation for the intermediate users. For beginner developers and designers, we’ll also include a brief how-to for installing WordPress on a local computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

WordPress Installation using SimpleScripts

SimpleScripts lets web hosting companies arrange a one-click installer for WordPress. Bluehost, for example, offers one click install of WordPress using SimpleScripts. The web hosting company must have SimpleScripts installed in their servers. You will find it after you log into their control panel. Just look for an icon like this:

simple scripts

The above screenshot is taken from the Bluehost cPanel which offers direct 1-click installation of WordPress. You will be taken to a SimpleScripts page like the following, no matter which icon you click:

simple scripts wp icon

After clicking on WordPress, you will be prompted to go to a page which has an install button.

simple scripts install

Click on the install button, and you will be asked to select your installation preference. You can choose the location i.e. your main site or a sub directory where you want to install WordPress. Choose your blog title here (you are permitted to change it later). Now, to choose your user credentials, just click on the link that says Click here to show more.

simple scripts wp install preference

Scroll down and accept the terms of service. Finally, hit complete and you’ll be all set. After completion, you will receive a success page like this:

simple scripts wp install complete

Use the login link provided by them, and login using the username and password you selected.

WordPress Installation using Softaculous

Softaculous also permits the hosting companies to offer 1-click installation for WordPress. InMotion Hosting is one such hosting company using Softaculous. The web hosting company must have Softaculous installed in their servers. After you log into your control panel, find an icon like this:

Install WordPress using Softaculous 1

By clicking on the Softaculous icon, you will be directed to the Softaculous dashboard. On the left hand side menu, you will find a list of software categories. Now click on the Blogs category and select WordPress.

Install WordPress using Softaculous 2

Here, you will get a brief overview of the software. Just click on the big blue install button to start the process.

Install WordPress using Softaculous 3

Now you have to fill in some important information for the installation process. Choose the domain name as you want to install WordPress on. Select the directory you want WordPress in. If you would like WordPress to be on your main domain, then leave the In Directory field blank. Enter a database name for your WordPress installation. Now you need to modify the table prefix to enhance your site security under the Database settings. We suggest that you change the default wp_ prefix to something like wp_y0urs1t3_

Here, you’ll enter your site name description. You should leave the WPMU box unchecked unless you’re familiar with is proper usage.

Install WordPress using Softaculous 4

At the bottom of the page, you will find the screen to create your WordPress administrator account. It is better not to use the default admin username. Create something new for yourself and a strong password. Enter your best email address and click on the install button.

Install WordPress using Softaculous 5

Within seconds WordPress will be installed and ready to use. Now go to and enter your login credentials to get into your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Installation using Fantastico

Fantastico is one of the popular script installing services that is bundled with most cPanel web hosting like HostGator and others like it.

To install WordPress using Fantastico, login to your control panel and find an icon like this:

WordPress Installation using Fantastico 1

Clicking on the icon, you will be directed to the Fantastico control panel. On the left hand side menu, you will get WordPress under the Blogs section. After clicking on it you will see the WordPress information screen. Click on the New Installation link.

WordPress Installation using Fantastico 2

Select domain, and enter the directory name. If you want the blog to be on the main domain, then leave the directory name field blank. Enter the username and password under the admin access data that you want to use to access your WordPress dashboard.  It is better not to use the default admin username. Create something new for yourself and a strong password. Enter your admin nickname, a valid email address, a site title and description. Now click on the Install WordPress button.

WordPress Installation using Fantastico 3

In the next page confirm all the information that you have already entered. Click on the Finish installation button to complete WordPress installation.

WordPress Installation using Fantastico 4

Now go to and enter your login information to get into your desired WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Installation using FTP

FTP software is required to install WordPress using FTP. You can check our article How to use FTP or SFTP to upload files to WordPress to learn about it. The first step is to download the latest version of WordPress. Unzip the file, and use the FTP software to upload the files into your web host directory of your choice.

If you’d like to install WordPress in the main domain, then you need to install it in your /public_html/ directory. If you’d rather put it in a subfolder, then upload it in a folder /public_html/folder name/.

After uploading WordPress, go to your hosting control panel to create a database. We are using cPanel web hosting, where you will find an icon like this:

WordPress Installation using FTP 1

Here you will get a field to create a new database. Now enter your database name, and click Create Database.

WordPress Installation using FTP 2

For installation, go to the URL where you uploaded WordPress. If it is in the main domain, then you will just go to

You will find a page like this:

WordPress Installation using FTP 3

Create the configuration page by clicking the button. In the next screen you will get the information you need to have like database name, database username and password, database host, and table prefix. Just click on the button Let’s go. Now you will have the form to enter all the information.

WordPress Installation using FTP 4

After inputting all the information, click on the submit button. Here you will see the button Run the Install, so go ahead and click on it.

WordPress Installation using FTP 5

In the next screen you will get a form to enter your website information such as your site’s title, your username, password, and email.

WordPress Installation using FTP 6

Click on the button Install WordPress. You will find the Success note with your username and password on the next screen. Click on login and start your writing.

Install WordPress on your Computer

Beginners should not install WordPress on their computer because by installing in the local computer only you can see your blog; to run and publish your blog for the other people on the internet you need to have a web hosting account and install WordPress by using one of the four methods we have mentioned above. But to learn about theme development, test plugins, etc. then installing on your local computer is valuable, as it gives you a chance to try things out without publishing.

For Windows computers, we recommend you use download & setup WAMP. For Mac, we suggest download and setup Mamp.

After following these steps, you should have WordPress all set and ready to go. Now simply choose plugins and themes to make your WordPress eye-catching, fabulous and efficient for all to use and see!


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How to install WordPress

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