How to Create the Best Domain for your Blog

Selecting your domain name is one of the most important steps for a successful blog. By selecting a memorable name, you can promote your website right from the start. It’s not a good idea to choose a new domain name later, so take the time to be sure you get it right the first time!

The steps to select a right domain name

Keep in mind that your domain name should be appropriate to the topic of your website.It can be tough to find one, but preserver – this is an essential step.

Get a Keyword

For getting higher ranking in search engines, good keywords are essential. But to get a good name with good keywords like is not easy, nor is it cheap. Fortunately, they are constantly releasing new domain options. With a little creativity, you should be able to find a good one.

Use the name as a brand

The domain name should be catchy and memorable. Your audience is going to be interested in a name that stands out from the crowd and relates to what you’re covering. Sometimes, unrelated but memorable domains also do well. Google, Bing, and MSN are examples here: all are popular search engines that use a simple word as a domain , but they are dominating the world of web search. Selecting a good name is essentially the same as choosing a brand name.

Use short, simple & easily spelled words

It is better to select a shorter domain name which is easy to recall. However, length alone does not ensure attention. The name and your niche should be correlated so that the audience and the user can get a sense for the subject of your website.

Using a hyphen is not always a good idea because it will extend the length of the URL; however, feel free to use it if it allows you to create a memorable name.

Using double or triple letters, or confusingly spelled words should be avoided, otherwise you’ll lose traffic due to typos.

Select the right Domain Extension

There are some popular domain extensions like .com, .net, .info, .org, .us etc. Select the right extension for your domain. The .COM usually represents commercial usage, .NET characterizes network related, .ORG indicates the organizational and .INFO is meant to be informational domain. But these categories are not mandated and are not followed by all websites. So, pick the right domain extension which suits your site the most and which gives you the best domain name for your site.

Keep in mind that .COM is one of the most popular, memorable and most frequently used extensions. When we talk about www., automatically .com comes into our mind. So, you should pick .COM before any other domain extension if you have the option.

The right domain registrars

Whenever you enter the web you will find a series of domain resisters with lucrative offers, but they are not all reliable. Some of them are out-and-out scams, in fact! The following registrars are not only popular but also very reliable to use:

Dotster – The most reliable and reputable registrar.

GoDaddy – One of the largest, you can readily trust that this one will deliver on its claims.

Network Solutions – This registrar comes highly recommended.

Domainsite – Like the others, this one has earned a reputation for reliability.

Selecting tools

There are many tools to use, but selecting the right one is difficult because all tools are not appropriate and useful. But the following tools will assist you in proper domain registration.



This is an advanced web tool, which will help you to explore other TLD’s, who have made popular websites like,, etc.



Another popular web tool provides suggestion based on your requirements. The “Primary Word” and the “Secondary Word” will describe the subject of your website. It will suggest a possible domain name after getting your input.

3.Domains Bot


It is a domain search engine with advanced features. It will help to search with more customized and refined methods.



It suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes of your keywords. It will also suggest the names based on a category like Tech, Games, Hardware, etc. It is no doubt an inspirational and helpful tool for those looking for a decent domain name.


This web tool will assist you with short domain names which are easy to search, easy to remember and easy to use.


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How to Create the Best Domain for your Blog

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