How to Choose the Best Hosting

Selecting the best web hosting can be a difficult task. There are many web hosting options available, but choosing the right one is essential; otherwise all of your efforts may be for nothing. A bad host can make your website slow or difficult to use for visitors.There are several types of web hosting such as free, shared, VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. In this article we will show you how to choose the best web hosting to secure your website.

1. Define Your Requirement:

Web hosting is one of the most important features of a running website. As a beginner, at first you should concentrate on your requirements and select the web hosting that offers appropriate space storage, minimum bandwidth, and supported programming languages.

2. Uptime

The first thing that you should consider about web hosting providers is uptime. You must focus on their commitment to uptime. A trusted provider will ensure your 24/7 web access and the server must have at least 99% uptime. Any less than that and you risk your site being down when users are searching for it.

3. Support for Customers

Getting customer support on time is a crucial issue. Professional web hosting providers must ensure 24/7 customer support. You should confirm this issue before selecting your web hosting. The last thing you want is to be on hold with an automated message when you need to talk to someone to get your website back in action!

4. Compatibility, upgrades and security

Other important factors to look into are compatibility, upgrades and security. Web hosting must be compatible with your blogging platform of choice.

Technology is constantly advancing, and if your host is not upgrading regularly, you will soon fall behind.

The security of your website is an extremely most important issue. While selecting your web hosting, check out their security issues. Find out how they intend to protect against hackers,what anti-virus technology they use, and what they offer in terms of recovering data in the event of outages.

5. Price

The web hosting cost is also important to consider. Naturally, everyone wants to get the best quality with the lowest price. You may wish to wait for a discount offer, or you might be able to find a discount code shared by other bloggers that you can use to get a deal.

By considering the above issues, you can find out the best web hosting for your blog. In the below table, we have rated some of the most popular and trusted web hosting companies based on their quality and services for your consideration. You can select one of them as per your requirements.


Top 7 Web Hosting providers



place1provider_inmotion2 $5.95 99.99% $11.95 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 99
place2provider_webhostinghub2 $4.95 99.98% FREE UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 98
place3provider_fatcow2 $3.67 99.97% FREE UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 97


provider_ipage2 $3.50 99.9% FREE UNLIMITED  UNLIMITED 96


provider_hostgator2 $3.96 99.99% $15 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 94


provider_godaddy2 $1.99 99.97% $12.17 10 GB UNLIMITED 87


provider_bluehost2 $3.95 99.84% FREE UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 83

Our friends at have published a very nice 5 part guide about Web Hosting Services too which we strongly recommend!


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How to Choose the Best Hosting

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