How to Add Gated Content to Your WordPress Site

How to Add Gated Content to Your WordPress Site

There’s a lot of content online that isn’t accessible to just anyone. In order to get to it, someone needs to give you permission, which often comes in the form of a membership. That’s called ‘gated’ content, and it can be a great way to drive signups on your website.

For gated content to fulfill that purpose, however, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering something users really want. Moreover, gaining access to those pages shouldn’t be overly difficult, so you don’t discourage potential members. If you succeed in both aspects, gated content can be a boon to your site.

In this article, we’ll go over the concept of gated content and its benefits. Then we’ll teach you how to add gated content to your WordPress website in four steps. Let’s get to work!

What Is Gated Content (And How Can It Benefit You)?

When they hear talk about gated content, people’s minds often jump directly to paid membership sites. Those would be the most straightforward examples of gated content, since they ‘hide’ content behind a paywall:

However, in practice there are a lot more variations of gated content, many of which don’t rely on paywalls. For example, a lot of websites use ebook offers to drive email signups. In that case, the ‘gate’ is the email sign-up form:

Other sites take the practice a step further and require you to fill out more forms or quizzes to let you access private content. As long there’s a real value behind the ‘gate’, you can use the content as a way to generate whatever type of leads you require. However, to do that, you’ll first need to figure out a way to restrict access to content using WordPress.

How to Add Gated Content to Your WordPress Website (In 4

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How to Add Gated Content to Your WordPress Site

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