How Does a Clustered Server Environment Help Businesses Save Money?

How Does a Clustered Server Environment Help Businesses Save Money?

Almost all businesses rely on online services for critical business processes, if not directly for revenue.

Downtime and performance disruptions represent lost productivity and sales, along with mitigation, reputation, and other costs.

The real cost of tech glitches and outdated technology could mean millions.

For this reason, a large and growing number of businesses make a modest investment in upgrading their infrastructure to an architecture based on server clusters.

What is a Server Cluster?

A server cluster is a unified group of servers, distributed and managed under a single IP address, which serves as a single entity to ensure higher availability, proper load balancing and system scalability. Each server is a node with its own storage (hard drive), memory (RAM), and processing (CPU) resources to command.

A two-node cluster, for instance, means that if one server crashes, the second will immediately take over. Ideally, multiple web and app nodes are utilized to guarantee hardware redundancy. This kind of architecture, known as a high-availability cluster, prevents downtime if component failure hits. This is especially true if the OS fails, which does not have redundancy in a single-standing server. Users will not even know that the server crashed.

In addition, there are two usual types of server clusters – manual and automatic.

Manual clusters are not an ideal solution because the manual configuration of a node to the same data IP and address comes with downtime. Even a 2 to 5-minute downtime could be critical for a business, let alone cost money. On the other hand, when automatic clusters are deployed, an automatic switchover takes place as a result of previously configured software to carry out the switch. Subscribe to the Liquid Web newsletter for tips on infrastructure optimization. Why are Server Clusters Deployed?

Server clusters are often deployed by businesses in

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How Does a Clustered Server Environment Help Businesses Save Money?

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