Hidden Secret Option Panel in WordPress

Hidden Secret Option Panel in WordPress

WordPress has a Secret Master Options Panel in the admin panel which is typically hidden. You may be surprised to see all of your blog settings in that page, and we do mean “all” – you can find everything there, including Google Analytics settings, Akismet ApI key, Feedburner Url, Related posts widget, Post Vies, Popular posts, Admin Email, Admin address, Twitter settings, Facebook settings for your blog, blog description, default posts category, blog posts information, blog settings, blog name, outbound prefix, navigation options, RSS feeds, RSS excerpts, siteurl, thumbnail stats, SEO stats, information about tags, trackbacks, pings and much more. It is very important that you know this is here – and important that you understand not to mess around with them!

As a blogger, you should know about it. You can access it by typing the whole Secret WordPress Admin URL.



Add the URL in your blog to see the Master Panel with these important settings of your blog. Generally speaking, however, you don’t want to change anything here – most changes will cause a problem with your blog.


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Hidden Secret Option Panel in WordPress

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