Gordon Stannis & Twisthink

Gordon Stannis & Twisthink

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Gordon Stannis, like last week’s guest, Colin, helped create a smart lighting system. But where Colin wanted to improve our homes, Gordon wanted to improve our experience in parking garaging. This is a super interesting conversation where we cover both hardware and software, mesh networks, and much more.

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I want to tell you about a new resource I have for podcasters called Podcast Liftoff. I’m coming fresh off of Podcast Movement 2019 and lots of folks were interested in how I started my show – and I know many of you are too. So I want to tell you about a free workbook I created to help you take those first steps into launching your show. You’ll answer questions about your topic and format, get show script and notes templates, checklists, and more. Just head over to howibuilt.it/liftoff to get your free download.View Transcript

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Gordon Stannis & Twisthink

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