Easy guide on how to make your WordPress site private

Easy guide on how to make your WordPress site private

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Wondering how to make your WordPress site private knowing there is no built-in option to it? Read our guide and learn all about it!

Being online and sharing content is all about driving more traffic, visibility, engagement. But what happens when we want to be online but in a restricted manner? When we don’t want the whole world to read our content, interact with us, or whatever there is, we do online? Is there a way to restrict external access to your WordPress blog or a site? Yes! And it’s something we’ll explain in full details for you to learn and implement on your website.

Why make your WordPress site private?

There are numerous reasons to keep your site content private and all to yourself or the people you want to grant access to it. For example:

You’re a lecturer and want to share your content specifically to your students and attendees You work on a team project and don’t want anyone from outside of it to have access You want a corporate employee’s related site they can access from wherever You’re starting a family blog and want to keep it private for family members and friends only You don’t want to use social networks to share your photos and videos with friends and family, so you start a private WordPress blog You’re creating a new site (with one of our themes perhaps) and want to keep it hidden while it’s under construction

Or, maybe, you want to keep just a part of your blog or site private, while some others are open. In each case, we have a solution and guide, so sit back and enjoy some quality reading!

How to make your

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Easy guide on how to make your WordPress site private

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