Dictionary of WordPress – Terminology for Beginners to Advanced (A-J)

Dictionary of WordPress – Terminology for Beginners to Advanced (A-J)

Thanks to the terminology and the many abbreviations, WordPress can be difficult to understand. To help make the lingo easier to understand, we’ve decided to create a dictionary of the most common WordPress terms for beginner and advanced users. This is the first part of the WordPress dictionary, which will cover A-J. If we missed any terms that you’d like us to add, please let us know in the comments.

Our goal is to make the terms understandable to anyone. The definitions will not be exhaustive. Instead, we’ve added links to articles where you can learn more details about certain terms.


Absolute Path – the location of a directory or file.

Action – a function in code that is run at certain points in the WordPress core. Developers can add their own code to these points.

Admin Area – the dashboard in the backend of the site where the admin can perform tasks, set user roles, adjust settings, create posts, pages, menus, etc.

Admin Bar – the floating bar at the top of the site with links to create posts, pages, etc. These are shortcuts to admin tasks.

Administrator – the first and primary user for a WordPress website. This person has access to all of the tools and features. A site can have multiple admins.

AJAX – a group of techniques that allows the web page to communicate with a server and display new information without having to reload the page.

Apache – open source server software from Apache Software Foundation. It’s the most popular server software on the web, running 67% of web servers.

Array – a variable in a programming language that can hold multiple values under a single name.

Atom – is a content syndication format published with XML to provide content feeds to feed

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Dictionary of WordPress – Terminology for Beginners to Advanced (A-J)

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