Create and Customize Short URLs for Your Blog

Create and Customize Short URLs for Your Blog

Create Short URLs with WordPress 

As the growth of social media marketing is increasing, url shortening services are also flourishing in parallel. For our purposes here, instead of displaying the normal SEO Friendly URLs, we are displaying the original Post-ID URL which WordPress generates with each post created. But it is very simple to create a short URL with WordPress using this.

To do this, just paste the following code anywhere in your single.php

<?php echo get_bloginfo(‘url’).”/?p=”.$post->ID; ?>

and it will display a URL like this:

It will not change your SEO Friendly URLs when someone types this URL in the box, or clicks on this URL; the URL they will actually see is your long permalink. By this hack you can shorten your page and post URLs, which comes in handy for Twitter. Now, to shorten an external URL using WordPress you need the plugin Short URL Plugin.

This plugin lets you create a short URL like:

It works like an analyzer, so it also lets you track how many clicks each URL has received. It should be noted that this will only work if you have a short domain.

Customized Short URL for Your Blog

A custom branded short URL is great for building a personal or business brand, as readers will know exactly where it will lead when they see it shared on social networks. Top brands like the New York Times, TechCrunch, BuySellAds, and others have been using their own customized short urls like “”, “”, “” and so on. In this article, we will share how you can get your own customized short URL for your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Buy a Short URL

If you do not have a short URL, you need to purchase one. You can use number of tools to find domains Ways to Create the Best Domain for Blog , but we recommend using


At first you need to type the words that you want to include in your short URL, and then will provide a variety of domain extensions (TLD). It will also inform you which of these options are available to purchase. You need to confirm your Domain name is less than 15 characters. Pick the domain you want and then register from the top domain registration company, Godaddy.

Step 2: Register for Pro is a URL shortening service. Most of us are not capable of creating our own script by which we can manage and track branded short URLs. This is why has taken on the task.

Step 3: Set an A Record to Point to

You will have to find where you can manually add a DNS entry and enter the details provided by You need to set an A Record, or DNS Host, for your short URL to point to the IP address of If you use Godaddy to register your domain, the A record is located under the “Total DNS” tab, so login and add the DNS record and point it to the IP (this is the IP of

 Set an A Record to Point to

Step 4: Verify Your Site

Once you have added the record you should be able to verify that through Next you need to add a ‘tracking domain’ in order to get access to all of the analytics in Enter the domain name you want to track (your blog’s actual domain would go here) in your account. This domain will not be the same as the short URL that you just set up. After you verify that you own your site, will automatically convert any links you have shortened from that site to your custom short URL.


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Create and Customize Short URLs for Your Blog

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