Bringing the Best Developer Tools to the Best Platform for WordPress

Bringing the Best Developer Tools to the Best Platform for WordPress

As a technology company that helps customers win online, WP Engine strives to delight developers by providing them with the best platform for building and maintaining WordPress sites.

This takes shape in a number of ways, like providing customers free access to the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes or supporting different developer workflow methods that simply make life easier for WordPress site builders.  

Now that Local is integrated with WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform for WordPress (DXP), we wanted to offer a closer look at what this suite of developer tools means for site builders of all skill levels and why it makes building on our DXP the best experience available for developers today. 

At its core, Local is—you guessed it—a local development application beloved by more than 150,000 developers around the globe. People love Local because it provides them with a safe place to experiment and develop new features faster. It also lets developers focus on what’s important—launching WordPress sites—rather than spending all their time debugging local environments.

One of the most common benefits Local users cite is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it possible to publish sites with just a few clicks, easily pull down live sites for offline edits, and sync various dev tools for an overall simplified workflow. 

Local is the world’s fastest-growing local development application, beloved by developers around the globe

Read on to find out why more developers choose Local for building their sites, and how you can start putting this awesome suite of developer tools to use today! 

Hassle-free local WordPress development 

One of the first things Local users point out is how fast and functional the platform is. Local is known for speed and simplicity—it’s easy to set up and use, and you can get started in minutes

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Bringing the Best Developer Tools to the Best Platform for WordPress

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