90 essential tools for WordPress web designers and developers

WordPress powers just over third of the websites on the internet, making WordPress design and development lucrative niches. And because WordPress is an open-source platform, skilled developers can do just about anything they like with it and where having the right WordPress tools can be a lifesaver.

But that openness comes at a price: You can easily end up spending so much time tweaking a particular site that you’ll overshoot your estimates and lose money on the job. Time is money for freelancers, so tools that can save you time on a coding or design job can pay for themselves many times over (especially considering that some of these tools are free!).

Here’s a roundup of the best tools for each aspect of WordPress site design, development, and management.

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Design tools Development tools Management tools Design tools Themes and frameworks

Whether you develop your own WordPress themes or prefer to buy them off the rack, there’s a tool for you.

#1: Theme Check
An automated tool you can use to test whether your new theme conforms to the latest WordPress standards. That can save you a lot of tedious revision work when you are trying to get your work approved.

#2: Underscores
A popular starter theme. You can use Underscores as a basis for creating your own custom theme.

#3: Avada
The top-selling WordPress theme is popular for a reason — namely, its flexible design options and robust framework. Avada makes designing custom WordPress sites fast and easy.

#4: What WordPress Theme Is That
An online tool that detects theme(s) and plugins for any WordPress site. All you have to do is enter the URL and the tool will tell you what themes and plugins that site is currently using.

#5: Creative Market
Creative Market is host to over 3,700 different WordPress themes, all of which

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90 essential tools for WordPress web designers and developers

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