8 Tips to Ensure Your Next Server Migration is Seamless

8 Tips to Ensure Your Next Server Migration is Seamless

Are you considering migrating your server in 2020?

Many businesses often feel held back by “what-if” scenarios when choosing a hosting provider that may better support their environment.

After all, one of the most cited fears for SMBs is around server migrations.

Server migrations can certainly be complex, and one of the most important factors for a smooth migration is having a team of experts on your side to help you navigate through this process.

That’s why at Liquid Web, we have migration teams dedicated to providing their advice and expertise to our customers.

We are here for you and your business, and as such, we know that taking a hands-on approach with server migrations is important to a smooth transfer. Clients who approach migrations with a hands-off mentality tend to have more complications during this process, and transfers can take longer without proper communication from both parties. Working directly and diligently with our team of experts can take what would be a difficult migration and make it feel like a breeze.

As a company, we have completed 7,000 server migrations in just the last year alone!

From our experiences, we would like to share our top 8 tips for a smooth server migration.

8 Tips for a Smooth Server Migration 1. Clarify the Scope of Your Project Up Front

The first step is to identify the type of migration your organization will need.

Some typical questions you will receive from your provider will include:

Are you moving a single site or an entire server? What type of database server are you running? How many databases need to be moved? Are there any email servers that need to be moved? Will a second sync be required before bringing the new server live? Any additional special considerations before beginning

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8 Tips to Ensure Your Next Server Migration is Seamless

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