12 must join Facebook groups for photographers

12 must join Facebook groups for photographers

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit Viber WhatsApp 0Shares Whether it’s for constructive feedback or new learnings, these Facebook groups for photographers are a great networking place to be in! Not to mention a chance to land new clients, hang out with like-minded photographers, and more!

And no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, being a part of these groups really benefits your skills, interest, and education. It’s at places like these where I, as a photography lover, often come for inspiration, tutorials, feedback, and more. Which is why I wanted to share this great Facebook groups for photographers I joined and invite you to check them out, too!

Why join photography Facebook groups?

Now, some of you might still wonder why to join photo groups on Facebook, like, is it really that good? Being the most popular social network out there, it’s true that there are quite a few not-so-meaningful group places some might call distraction. However, meaningful niche groups like photography, for instance, only add value and can have a severe impact on its members. Just to name a few reasons to consider joining photography Facebook groups:

Useful tips and tricks Tutorials Learn from the best in this profession Improve your photography skills Find new photography clients Get new photo ideas Showcase your work (which you can build by using our Pinhole theme, perhaps) Offer services

Not to mention you’ll learn more about photo gear and all the tools you can use to improve your hobby or business! If I’ve managed to convince you, here’s the list of some of the best Facebook photo groups for you to join. All of them are groups I’m a member of, and they brought me much knowledge, new ideas and good times,

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12 must join Facebook groups for photographers

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